Cartoon lovely jelly pack pure color fans you hand bag candy color versatile personality small purse

Item No.: 3598

Product Description

Special technology once pressed molding, moistureproof and waterproof easy to take care of, environmental protection and durable, its durability is even higher than leather;Beautiful style!This bag has several characteristics: first of all, it is made of natural rubber, not plastic. The bag feels pliable, while plastic is hard and brittle, so the bag made of plastic will freeze and crack in cold weather, but this bag will not Secondly, the bag is high-tech once pressed molding, not adhesive, adhesive bag use time is long, the edge will wear, cracking, and this bag does not exist, so its durability far more than the leather, because the leather bag is sewn or sticky!Jelly bag long-term use will not appear deformation discoloration, and if it is not careful deformation, you can also have a remedial method, that is to put it in 60-80 degrees of warm water bubble, you can restore the prototype. There are many styles of jelly bags, so dizzying, cool texture, is very suitable for summer use!Even if it is all smooth modelling, because of its unique rare, collocation rises also won't appear stiff, can give a person instead at the moment bright.If you choose a bag with bright colors, you will have a lively summer feeling!
Jelly bag series 15*4.5*9cm 0.5kg $5.31 10pcs